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Kanal 32 Offre un'ampia gamma di brand pensati per la moda di tutti i giorni. Scopri tutte le nostre collezioni e acquista online o viene a trovarci nel nostro store a Santa Maria di Licodia - Catania

Our history

Kanal 32 was born in 1993,
initially as a men's and women's sportswear and goods store; in 2001 it blossomed into a welcoming sportswear and ceremonial clothing store.
From the beginning Kanal 32 has been managed by a married couple, Sicilian entrepreneurs:
Enzo and Paola, who live in Santa Maria di Licodia in the province of Catania, a small village right on the slopes of Etna, the company's place and nest.
Together they also shared a love of fashion
and guided by a great passion for this and its continuous trends, they have created a place where good taste and elegance are never lacking.
Over twenty-five years in the sector give him the experience in creating an exclusive selection among the most renowned designers, choosing among the best brands, the result of accurate and qualitative research;
at the same time traditional and innovative.
Everyone has their own outfit, without necessarily having to settle on just one brand.


Why rely on us?

Because ours is much more than a company, we have been working in the fashion sector for almost thirty years.
Our men's and women's clothing store offers a wide variety of clothes, accessories and much more, the ideal shop for casual and youthful men's and women's clothing and accessories.

Friendliness, availability and speed are the hallmarks of our store.
We like a style that doesn't like to show off and we are constantly looking for new brands, to offer our customers quality brands.

The garments we choose are able to dress the woman in her daily life, with a special touch for the most important occasions.

A real place suitable for elegant, refined, sensual women and men who love well-finished clothing that leaves nothing to chance.



We are in

Via Vittorio Emanuele 237

Santa Maria di Licodia 95038

to offer you an accurate Shopping Experience

We remain available for further information.
Write to us, we will be happy to help you!